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Clean Yachting Act 2017

Proposed New law 

Clean Yachting Act 2017

Clean Water freighter,yachting , cruising boat power act of 2017.

As over the course of the last 20 to 50 years the quality and state of the world's oceans and waterways have seen a severe detrimental environmental impact from not only small powercraft but large yachting powercraft, oceangoing freighters and cruise ships .This new law must be devised in order to control the emissions from these oceangoing vessels. All waterways must become clean of plastics by 2025-2027. 

  1. All powered craft must pass emissions inspection. 

2. All power to craft must be grandfathered or alternative power. 

3. All powered craft must undergo yearly inspections to ascertain and insure that the engines that they are running are based on electric, solar, wind or any alternative clean fuels.

4. All powered craft must have engines that conform to high air quality emissions. 

5. All powercraft must have engines that conform to very high water quality standards. 

6.All power to craft must have  engines that conform to know pollution reduction standards.


7. Charts must be drawn up to standardize air pollution, water pollution, water quality levels that are acceptable for human interface interaction with the water in swimming .

  1. Each type of watercraft must conform to the standards in 7. The water quality will only ameliorate if there is no deviation and no exception for any level of power and water craft for a certain period of time tbd, perhaps ten years.

8.Independent Inspection 

  1. Government inspectors must inspect current craft. 

  2. Private Independent inspectors must also inspect engines and emissions levels of yachts.

  3. Swimmers can inspect waters.


9.  Corporate Cooperation

  1. Corporations must conform in their future production of engines for powered watercraft to water quality,air quality, marine and human recreation and consumption standards.

  2. Corporations with coastal based emissions power plants or manufacturing facilities must also be held to these newer high level standards for water quality.

  3.  Hotels and resorts with coastal or island properties must also be held to these highest levels of water quality in missions from their properties. Swimmers who passed through these waters should not notice any difference in the water quality.

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